2020 staff for Youth MidWest Leadership School are:

Scott Stewart, Dean

Scott serves as the Director of Religious Education and Youth Group Leader at Eliot Unitarian Chapel in Kirkwood, MO. He’s served on the YMWLS staff since 2014. He’s an enthusiastic Scott Stewartsupporter of UU youth and eagerly attends and supports as many UU youth events and leadership opportunities as possible. Scott and his wife Jennifer have been married for 19 years. He enjoys reading, traveling throughout the country, playing games with family and friends, hiking, viewing wildlife, bird watching, and spending time with his wife and cat. Scott is an avid supporter of the St. Louis Cardinals and the St. Louis Blues.

Cameron Young

Cameron Young 3x4Cameron Young is a native Texan and lifelong Unitarian Universalist. Having grown up in those programs, they developed a particular affinity for youth and young adult ministry. Prior to joining the UUA, Cameron has served as a lifespan religious educator in Fort Worth, Texas for five years, having helped to implement their congregation’s first ever Coming of Age, Spirit Play, and Young Adults programs. Cameron also served a two-year elected position as Young Adult Co-Facilitator at General Assembly. Cameron has a Bachelor of Music from Louisiana State University and is currently a seminarian at Fort Worth’s Brite Divinity School. A professional musician and classically trained singer, Cameron has performed in numerous operas, musicals, is a member and co-founder of DFW’s Uptown Carolers, a professional Christmas caroling company, and also recorded with Grammy award winner Leon Bridges on his debut album. In their spare time, Cameron is an avid traveler, die hard fan of Dallas sports teams, and devoted coffee drinker.

Isabel Alvarez

Isabel AlvarezIsabel Alvarez is a high school senior in Louisville, Kentucky. When she’s not active in Thomas Jefferson Unitarian Church’s youth group or planning a con with the Heartland Area Youth Council, she is most often found reading, programming, or pondering life’s many conundrums. Always excited to meet passionate UU youth, Isabel looks forward to serving as YMWLS staff for 2020.

Mya Wade-Harper

Mya Wade-HarperMya Wade-Harper is thrilled to serve in the staff at YMWLS this summer! She attended YMWLS in 2019 as a participant, has gone to a congregational spiritual direction training, is going to chaplain training in early 2020 and is a lifetime UU. At her UU church of seven years (The UU Church of Lexington Kentucky), she was recently able to help her church adopt the 8th Principle. She is a college freshman at Bluegrass Community and Technical College in hopes of pursuing African American Studies. Her passions include working for justice, writing, the performing arts, history, music and spending time with family and friends.

Noel Burke

Noel BurkeNoel Burke has grown up in the UU faith and is a life long Unitarian. She lives to serve the community and others. Noel served on the YC staff as the HUUPER/Dean from 2010-2011. Noel currently serves on the steering committee for DRUUMM (Diverse Revolutionary Unitarian Universalist Multicultural Ministry) as a Co-Outreach Coordinator. Noel also shapes her ministry serving Eliot Chapel as RE Staff, working with youth and young adult activities and programming since 2011. Noel’s passions outside of Eliot Chapel include watching movies, thinking outside the box and trying something new. This will be Noel’s first time attending YMWLS and will be on staff as an RA this year. Get a chance to meet Noel at YMWLS 2020 in Bloomington, IL!

Ehlona Walker

Ehlona WalkerEhlona Walker lives in Milwaukee and attends the First Unitarian Society of Milwaukee. At church, they co-lead their youth group and serve as the youth on the church’s anti-racism team. Ehlona is recognised as a Luminary Leader and is also a graduate of Thrive (‘17), Midwest Leadership School (‘16), Summer Seminary (‘18), served on the General Assembly Youth staff as the Youth of Color Coordinator for the past two years, and is a trained youth chaplain. This will be their first time on YMWLS staff! They will be serving as one of the young adult spiritual directors. Ehlona enjoys reading, photography, theater, singing, and exploring old architecture. Ehlona loves worship and can't wait for them to start at YMWLS. While at leadership school, youth attendees should know that Ehlona is always willing to give a hug and listen!

Tim Murphy

Tim MurphyTim Murphy is a youth advisor at the UU Church of Indianapolis and served on the staff of YMWLS from 2010-2015 and 2017-2019. He loves to work with youth and promotes youth empowerment every chance he gets. He's been to tons of cons and trainings as both staff and attendee. He works as a cataloger at a public library, serves as the merchandise coordinator for Naptown Roller Derby and in his spare time watches lots of movies and rides as many roller coasters as he can find!

Emma Paskewitz

Emma Paskewitz 2019Emma Paskewitz is the coordinator for the Senior High and Coming of Age programs at First Universalist Church of Minneapolis. She is excited to be a part of Youth Midwest Leadership School again this summer. She loves to play soccer, spend time with family and friends, and go on walks with her puppies!


Nelson Gutsch

Nelson GutschNelson Gutsch is an outgoing junior at Central High School in Salina, Kansas. He is a lifelong UU, a YMWLS alum, and an active member of the Salina UU congregation and youth group. He loves playing bass in the Salina Symphony and Triad Jazz Trio, in addition to the school orchestra and jazz bands. Nelson also enjoys acting, singing, and dancing at the Salina Community Theatre. His time at Leadership School was outstanding last year, and he’s excited to work with the wonderful staff and students of YMWLS 2020!

Molly Carney

Molly CarneyMolly Carney is a sixteen year old student from St. Louis, Mo. She loves being apart of a community that is accepting and reliable, and is always looking for opportunities to help out and make a change. She is passionate and a strong believer in setting goals that will push herself everyday. She has been an active part of her UU community since she was in PreK, seeking to always be as involved as possible with youth activities. Her hobbies include writing poetry, playing soccer, dancing, and watching Netflix. She had a very eye-opening experience and met so many new friends last year at YMWLS that she decided to come back and give others the same and even better experience.

Alex Sherwood

Alex SherwoodAlex Sherwood serves his faith as the Youth and Young Adult Program Associate at the UUA. A lifelong UU, he has lived and seen how youth and emerging adults are impacted by our faith. Alex is excited to bring his experiences as an activist and organizer to MWLS to help foster youth leadership, build community, and provide tools for radical youth advocacy. When he isn’t working, Alex can often be found enjoying films, reading making-of books about Star Trek, or just hanging out with his two dogs, Ebony and Yoda.

Ben Gabel

Ben Gabel 3x4Ben Gabel currently serves as the Congregational Administrator for the Northwest UU Church in Southfield, MI. Ben has served as a member of the Right Relationship Team at the MidAmerica Regional Assembly in April 2019. He is trained facilitator for both middle school and high school OWL. Ben is active at the UUA national level and many UU organizations. He is a past Steering Committee member of DRRUMM (2015-2019) and has served on the GA Program Development Group (2018). He has served as a member of the Journey Towards Wholeness Transformation Committee since 2012 and will end his term at GA 2020. Ben currently serves on the UUMA Intern Committee (2019-2021). In addition, as of October 2019, Ben became the lay minister Co-President for UU Society for Community Ministries.

Zoë Gulbronson